New weather station

I’ve just completed putting up a basic weather station at our new home. This time it’s a wireless system from Ambient (WS2080). There’s great free software, Cumulus, that I’m using to post the local detailed weather ( No wind data since it’s impossible to site it well without getting up on my too steep and many gabled roof. The Brewster station is now history as is our life there. So much going on here.

Our New Home

We are here – our GMTC (Great Move to Cambridge). Computers are finally up and updated, boxes unpacked but still some more to go. Moving from our great big house to our much smaller (but still big for a condo) Cambridge home meant much throwing out, storing in attic and basement. Lugging up and down three flights of stairs helped keep us in shape. It certainly makes for a good nights sleep! Our neighborhood is beautiful, five minutes from Porter Square. Lovely homes, lots of trees and full of flowering gardens.

Brooklyn Fire?

As a native Brooklynite this Boston Globe picture and caption caught my attention:

Which neighborhood? Hmm, I thought – I’ll check the NY Times for the full story. Nothing. Hmm, I thought, I’ll search on Google – nothing. Hmm, I thought – I’ll ask my sister-in-law who lives in Brooklyn – she neither knew nor had heard anything about it. Did this really happen? Can anyone explain?

Trail Closed!

Well, it was great while it lasted. My backyard short but fun bike trail has now been closed & posted “No Trespassing” by the owner. I was under the impression that it was on town property but apparently such is not the case. Alice tried to convince Mr. Bassett, the owner (by phone) to allow us walking and biking access to this .3 mile path.


No way – all he kept repeating despite various entreaties was “Why didn’t you know this is private property?”. He owns major tracts of land near us but lives in town near his ice delivery business. He’s a longtime multi-generational Cape Codder and and I guess we’re just some new wash a’shore’s. It was a good training run but I’ve found great riding in the nearby Punkhorn which is Brewster conservation land – horse trails make great single track biking.


  Double posted!!