Earl’s damage; new gearing

Tropical storm Earl dropped heavy rain (2.3 inches)which, with the wind, caused my weather station to shut down. Restarted it this morning (beautiful, sunny and DRY) with no problem. I need to see if I can fix the software to prevent a recurrence of the problem. With the great weather and a just arrived new crankset (smaller granny gear) back on my mountain bike. The new gearing made a big difference in my climbing endurance but need much more TOB (time on bike) to really get back in shape.

Is it summer yet?

A landmark day! Second day of sunshine, and second day of bike riding, getting in shape for a fall mountain bike trip to Whittier in British Columbia with my son. This has been an awful June – gray, wet and cold. Rainfall 3 inches, only 10 dry days, only 9 truly sunny days. Finally finished rebuilding my rotting shed and now back to repairing my weather station and working on my photography. No matter how much time I have, it’s never enough.

Winter’s Toll

Well, our New England winter has been a tough one weatherwise for my weather station here in Brewster. One of our coldest and snowy winter starts kept my anemometer and wind vane frozen. A brief thaw helped to free up the anemometer but the vane stayed locked at WSW. That is until a few days ago when I did a visual check and discovered the vane was gone! Soon I was amazed to find it intact in one of the rain gutters. Apparently the bearing remained sufficiently frozen so that the wind pushing against the vane unscrewed the nut that had held it attached. So I guess I will be reporting a WSW wind until spring when I’ll be able to get to the roof to take down the AAG wind unit for repair.