Sous Vide – Beginnings

A birthday gift from my son – an Anova sous-vide circulator. Since cooking is one of my great pleasures this presented an exciting new opportunity. So far successful with eggs, chicken breast. pork roast, steak, salmon. Next up medium-rare chuck roast (24+ hrs)! We’ll see how it works out.

Russia and back

Submitted by admin on Sat, 09/21/2013 – 15:53 Twelve days in Russia – St. Petersburg to Moscow via riverboat. Finally back to “normal” after our return 10 days ago. Great bike ride yesterday, first in weeks – weather stays beautiful. Well almost normal – Russia still invades my dreams. It was a fascinating trip. The […]

Back on the bike!

Submitted by admin on Sat, 07/13/2013 – 14:52 The weather has finally moderated – it’s been a wicked hot start to the summer here. But I got back on my bike for my first real ride in ages and I sure felt it. Same again the next day and feeling it – sore ass and […]

Latest (last?) project – new fence.

I just finished rebuilding our condo’s yard fence. Unfortunately a weeklong 90+ degree heat wave just about finished me. The old fence was totally rotted out except, fortunately, for most of the fence posts. Nonetheless demolition took many hours and construction many trips to Home Depot. I think it looks pretty good . . .